Domain Registration Service

When choosing a domain name it beneficial to choose a domain which has some relevance to your business, its name for example, or something more generic regarding its industry, services or products. If for example you run a sandwich shop called ‘Grubs Up’ you would choose a domain like* or something more generic such as* etc

Try to make your domain as memorable as possible and always consider the length – try not to make the domain name unnecessarily long.

Once we have registered your domain, we can setup as many emails address as you need, for example sales@yourdomain or orders@yourdomain etc.

Searches have to be completed to check whether or not your desired domain name is available. There are many domain extensions that you can choose from, some of the most popular are listed below:

.com .net .im  

*At the time this article was written both and were available for purchase. IOM Web Design makes no statements of ownership for these domains.

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