Social Media Management

Successful social media marketing is much more than simply creating a Facebook page or the occassional tweet. There are many tools available; a successful campaign requires the correct balance of social sites.

There are many benefits to be had from the successful implementation and management of social media sites.

The use of social media sites can generate (but is not limited to) the following benefits:

  • Increase awareness of your products
  • Bouncing board for new product launches
  • Covering all the basis
  • They create a buzz and word-of-mouth marketing around a new product, project or client, ultimately leading to new leads and revenue.
  • They establish you and your organisation as experts in your field.
  • Since much of social media revolves around searching and target niches, your audience is always your target demographic.
  • You can receive valuable information from your audience.
  • Your exposure within the search engines widens.

Your organisation is unique, so your Social Media initiative needs to be as well. There are many variables to consider before starting any project – we’ll examine your market and personal objectives prior to recommending a plan.

Our process

  1. Identify the Target Audience
  2. Determine Social Media channels to reach target audience
  3. Establish a presence, set-up accounts in selected channels
  4. Create plan for engaging target in Social Media outlets.
  5. Start Social Media campaign(s)
  6. Track, analysis and strategise  

How It Works

We will identify and establish a presence in the most appropriate social media channels. We’ll recommend the type of interaction and content necessary to attract your target audiences and track the results. Through the proper use of analytics we can adjust the strategy as necessary. To discuss the options available please contact us 07624 428 217 or contact us below.

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